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  • Proposal Development and Preparation in response to various types of Government Contract Solicitations.
  • A variety of pre-award proposal evaluation services ensuring pricing standards and requirements have been met prior to submission.
  • Preparation and Evaluation of pricing schedules for Direct Labor, Lower Tier Subcontractors, Materials, Supplies and Travel Related Costs.
  • Preparation and Evaluation of pricing schedules for multi-years contracts (Base year, additional years, option years).
  • Commercial, Commercially Modified, Non-Commercial Item Justification.
  • Contract Award and Modification Negotiation Services.
  • Davis Bacon Wage Determinations.
  • Truth In Negotiations (formally TINA) and is it’s applicability.
  • Preparation and collection of REA’s and Various Types of Termination Proposals (Termination for Convenience or Cause). 
  • Fair and Reasonable Price Determinations (will the Gov. accept my price).
  • DCAA and DCMA Support.
  • Pricing for Master Task Ordering Agreements (MTOA)and Basic Ordering Agreements (BOA’s).
  • Top to bottom analysis of your organizations pricing methodologies and techniques using market surveys, pricing indices and analytics.
  • Dunn and Bradstreet (D&B)Comprehensive Reporting.
  • Provisional and Forward Pricing Billing Rates.
  • Accounting System Pre-Qualifications.
  • Pre-Qualification of Contractor Procurement Systems (CPSR).
  • Preparing pricing (rates and factors) for upcoming years. Rate Adjustments and Escalation Factors.